Beach or Business School

As we rush headlong into Christmas with the usual frenzy of activity that characterises the Antipodean pre-holiday scramble, I reflect on how grateful I am that I decided to take a three-month sabbatical earlier in the year.

I also reflected on the number of senior executives who attend overseas business courses through eminent institutions around the world. These multi-week experiences are often highly intensive, also highly stimulating and rewarding for the individuals who attend. And many bring lots of value back to their sponsoring employer! However not hugely restful!

The question that comes to mind for me is – if you are a Board member or a Human Resources/ People Director making decisions about what is best for one of your senior executives, is what this person really needs, a “proper” break? A break characterised by true rest, going “off grid” and truly rejuvenating mind and body. Or is a business school truly what they need. All too often, the “sabbatical” option is not so fashionable, but worthy of consideration.

Peter Kerridge

Rocks beside the sea