“Creating and Leading Change Workshop” for Ministry of Social Development

Kerridge & Partners were delighted to be given the opportunity to design and deliver a 2-day “Creating and Leading Change” workshop on 16-17 February 2016 for the Organisational Solutions (OS) group, Ministry of Social Development.

Facing fiscal constraints, yet needing to deliver major change initiatives in 2016, the OS Group will need to significantly transform in order to meet the needs of stakeholders and customers. With a relatively new leader and management team, it is imperative for the group to be ready for the change on many fronts, including organisation structure, processes, culture and mindset. In particular, it is critical that the leadership team is on board to drive change and ensure everyone is brought along the change process on all levels.

The OS Group planned a 2-day workshop for its top 130 managers to achieve the following objectives:

To understand the context and external drivers for change.

To understand the change process.

To understand resilience and the leader’s ability to lead self and others through change.

To create a collaborative and supportive culture across the OS group.

The Kerridge team went through a detailed design process for the workshop programme, and then facilitated a two-day programme that included:

A discussion with members of the Ministry’s Leadership Team on the department’s strategic directions and key imperatives for OS’s performance.

Dialogue with the new Organisational Solutions Senior Management Team.

Dialogue with external speakers about the successes and otherwise of change initiatives in their organisations – we were fortunate to have senior leaders from Z Energy, Spark, and NZ Rugby Union share their experiences.

Analysis of a case study on the successful transformation of a state-owned utility company to a high performing public listed company.

Exploring the individual’s approach to leading change.

A session by The Resilience Institute on how the leader can develop their resilience and support the resilience and well-being of their team members.

From the post-workshop feedback, 51% and 46% of those who responded rated the workshop as ‘Excellent” and “Good” respectively, giving a resounding endorsement to the success of the workshop and that it was time well-spent.

A quote from our client:

Nicholas Pole,
Deputy Chief Executive,
Ministry of Social Development

“The workshop design process was grounded in research and engagement with me as well as my team of senior managers and advisors.

The Kerridge & Partners team managed to accommodate our needs and preferred guest speakers, some of which they engaged to fit the purpose of the session and messaging. The guest speakers were a highlight for participants including a discussion with Z Energy CE Mike Bennetts, facilitated by Peter Kerridge.

Kerridge & Partners had a team onsite who worked with my team to facilitate and attend to every aspect of the two days. They were adept at gauging the needs of the group on the day and changing up the discussion and agenda to meet this need.

They captured the salient points from the discussion and presented them back to me with some of their insights and observations of my management group which has been a great source of information in gearing up for major change.

An exercise was undertaken prior to the workshop to gauge where my management team was, design the content of the workshop and measure any shifts post workshop. This also gave us an appreciation of what people had gained from the two days and what we still need to focus in on.

Overall an energy filled process with great feedback received from participants and insights gained by all. I think this has set the team up in the right mindset to tackle some of the fundamental change that lies ahead for us.”

“Creating and Leading Change Workshop” for Ministry of Social Development