The Low-Down on HR

The role of HR is a global hot topic. The evolution of leadership trends, organisational demands and technology means that HR can no longer be a ‘back office’ necessity. Instead, HR is being called forward by visionary leaders to be an enabler of advancement.

Kerridge & Partners have seen a number of HR professionals rise through the ranks to become key strategic partners to senior management in designing and implementing change. We have taken this opportunity to sit down with some of New Zealand’s leading CEOs, directors and HR professionals to discuss the evolution and the future of this pivotal function. The result: Kerridge & Partners’ inaugural HR Leaders Research Report: Developing the Next Generation of HR Leaders.

What we found through these conversations are valuable insights into why HR can evolve into a function that drives organisational improvement, and how this process can be supported by senior leaders. Our research concluded that in order for the HR function to remain relevant, senior leaders need to allow room for HR to contribute on key issues relating to company strategy, including succession planning and developing a constructive corporate culture. Despite widespread acknowledgement that HR can and should take on a more strategic role in an organisation, there is a clear talent gap in the market for HR professionals. This gap is most likely a result of young HR professionals choosing to exit the HR industry in pursuit of roles that allow them to effect more change. The issue can be addressed, however, by a combination of top-down support, global exposure and working in non-HR roles for added experience.

It is clear from our research that HR still has a fair way to go before its potential is fully realised. However, recent trends show that HR is following the footsteps of Risk and Information Technology, and is on track to transform from being construed as purely a support function to being a valued contributor at the top table.

To access our HR Leaders Research Report, please follow this link for a PDF download.

The Low-Down on HR