Year in Review

It has been a good year at Kerridge & Partners. We can even go so far as to say it has been a great year. The festive season is a time to reflect and celebrate a year’s worth of hard work and achievements and most importantly, to give acknowledgment to those who have contributed to our growth journey.

Inspired by many of the organisations we have had the privilege of working with in the past year, we have developed an inaugural Integrated Report to share with our client community and beyond. Our Integrated Report showcases not only our service offerings and unique processes, but also the not-for-profit work we have done with worthy causes such as the Graeme Dingle Foundation and the achievements of our dedicated team members. We have also incorporated comments from our valued clients, who have entrusted their business goals to us through our search and consulting work.

Whilst the Integrated Report is but a snapshot of our year to date, it gives its audience a flavour of the Kerridge & Partners’ ‘way’, namely, to treat our clients, candidates and each other with utmost integrity and respect. We anticipate our next Integrated Report to be an even stronger display of the work we have done, the communities we have impacted and the organisational culture that we cultivate, day in and day out.

To read more about our year at Kerridge & Partners and to access the 2015/2016 Integrated Report, please follow this link for a PDF download.

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