How do you know when your ego is getting too big?

It is often said that any leader requires some ego.  So how does one determine the optimum level?  Ego is easier to spot when it is there and harder to spot when it is not.

Here are some warning signs:


If you put your car keys on a meeting table so that others might get a glimpse of the brand of vehicle you drive, then you might have a problem. Similarly, if you carefully fold your jacket on the back of a chair so that others can see the label, again maybe the ego is creeping in. This list goes on.


If you notice that people around you have stopped criticising you, then you need to ask why? Maybe it’s because your ego has grown too big to absorb any criticism. It’s worth an assessment.


If you are leading an organisation and are spending more time thinking about how you can achieve your bonus, than on developing your team, again this could be an ego alarm bell.


And lastly, if you really believe your success is due to your natural brilliance, then the corollary of that is that other people’s perhaps smaller success or lack of success might indicate in your mind their lack of ability. In this case, you need then be cautious.

A leader’s role is to serve and fundamentally look to spot and then grow the strengths and those they see around them. Too much ego would ultimately damage not only you as the leader but the people and organisation around you.


Peter Kerridge


Kerridge & Partners

How do you know when your ego is getting too big?