What can leaders learn from John Key’s announcement?

Whilst John key’s resignation came as a shock to many, it might just have provided an example to many CEOs as to managing their exit.

There are many aspects of life as a CEO that are addictive: You get invited to all the parties; people treat you differently; you get to meet some astonishingly interesting people from here and overseas. All in all, it’s a very compelling life – for a time at least.

Imagine this for our PM: life in the fast lane, everyone wanting a bit of your time and the conversations you have with the most fascinating people around the world.  This is an awful lot to give up.

But he made the call and is now going to face a big change of lifestyle. Of course that is exactly what he and no doubt his family want.

There is a lot of talk about CEOs who stay for too short a time before moving their career onward. Some of this criticism is fair. At the same time, there are some who stay too long. Those CEOs could well take some lessons from John Key: Get out while the going is good. Once you are not 100% ‘into’ the role, then let someone take over who is!

And what has followed this week seems to be a very smooth transition to a successor, something we talk to clients about a lot!


Peter Kerridge


Kerridge & Partners

What can leaders learn from John Key’s announcement?