Governance Practice

Kerridge and Partners has been supporting Board of Directors with their appointment and evaluation processes since 2011. We have a reputation for delivering high quality, high touch methodology that stimulates the Board’s thinking.  When combined with powerful observations and questioning, this allows for new insights to emerge, inviting a different kind of Board conversation.

Our Approach to Board Appointments  

The implications of appointing a new Director to your Board are far reaching. Long gone are the days when it was simply "a call to a friend who might be interested". From publicly listed organisations to not-for-profit Boards, Kerridge & Partners has had the honour to assist many outstanding clients enhance their governance bodies. This has been achieved not only through introducing new talent to the boardroom, but also through challenging the Board’s thinking to identify the most suitable Director to better govern the Board. With a strong focus on the future of your organisation, Kerridge & Partners works with your Board to ensure the new Director contributes to the organisation’s strategic needs and development.

We also provide a condensed service to clients who already have candidates in mind for an appointment but require an objective view of the candidates’ suitability. Where appropriate, we then manage the subsequent validation and appointment.  

Our Approach to Board Reviews  

Our approach to Board Evaluation centres on quality conversations with Directors and stakeholders of the Board, grounded in the strategic context of the organisation. Our approach is typically structured in five main phases of work encompassing initial engagement and confirmation of the brief through to customisation of approach.  

Our approach is both strategic and deeply practical. It is strategic in the sense that everything we do is informed by the overall future direction of your organisation. Practically our  aim  is  to  arrive  at  a  small number  of  achievable programmes  of  work  that  a  Board  can  digest.  We  fully  recognise that  a  Board  of Directors has very limited time to indulge in its own improvement and that our focus needs to be very firmly targeted on the two to three major items that can  make the most difference.

Let our Director Claire Denison walk you through our board review process here.

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