Leadership Solutions

Leadership Team Alignment

It is crucial for an executive to make sure their team is performing. Three factors influence the collective intelligence of a team: social sensitivity, equality and diversity. Kerridge & Partners offers a systematic approach to enable teams to achieve their full potential by helping them increase their social sensitivity and have more balanced, better quality conversations.  

We ensure your team have the right tools to deal with conflict effectively and help achieve long-term goals together. Because every team is different, our approach is never the same. We tailor workshops and team alignment activities to get the best out of your team.

Succession Planning

As an extension of our leadership assessment and benchmarking offering, we work with organisations to map out a succession plan for their leadership team. We assess internal talent and identify capability gaps that are best met by talent external to the organisation.  

As part of the succession planning process, we partner with our clients to:

  • Develop in-depth role profiles for the CEO, leadership team and critical positions to enable potential candidates to be objectively measured against the right competencies;
  • Assess both internal and external candidates against competency framework;
  • Create a development plan for the internal talent pipeline, which may involve a combination of on-the-job training, mentoring, feedback and coaching, as well as formal training programmes.

Leadership Assessment and Benchmarking

Kerridge & Partners offer internationally recognised psychometric testing methods to add insight into an individual’s leadership profile and fit with an organisation and role. We recognise that getting cultural alignment between an organisation and candidate is crucial for long-term success, and as such, we have expanded our assessment offering to go above and beyond the usual. We offer individual assessments to help us identify for you - in advance - a particular candidate’s potential derailing risks and insights into their ‘match-fitness’ for the job. This can be extended to an assessment of the leadership team for an in-depth talent evaluation and benchmarking exercise.  This will ensure that your organisation is led by the best team possible, an assessment which is increasingly used in the context of an acquisition as part of a due diligence programme.  

Executive Coaching

Every executive can benefit from external coaching, whether it is to define their leadership style or finding the right approach to tackle some of their organisation’s most poignant issues. Kerridge & Partners' highly qualified and experienced external coaches can help you reach your professional goals as an executive. Our Executive coaches are spread across New Zealand, allowing us to can come to you with a bespoke coaching service.  

Executive Transition

A career is typically a lifelong journey, with multiple beginnings and ends. Transitioning successfully between different phases of one’s career is as important as doing a good job whilst in a particular role.

To equip executives with the right personal development and marketing tools to transition between one career phase to another, Kerridge & Partners offers an Executive Transition service. This service pairs an executive with one of our experienced in-house coaches, who will guide the executive through a series of training and exercises designed to enable a deeper level of self-reflection and spur action.  

Because each individual is different, we take a 'mixed bag' approach to this service. An executive can choose to mix and match from any of the following services:

  • One-on-one coaching with an experienced in-house coach
  • Career mapping
  • Interview techniques
  • CV review and construction

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