Paul Yan

Paul Yan

Paul joined us to lead the transformation of our IT and database systems but has also proved to be an invaluable support across several areas of our business. He works with our Executive Search, Human Capital Consulting and Board Practice teams on technical assignments as well as driving the continued development of the technology and internal processes that help us deliver our services.

With a background in IT and project management, Paul refines our systems, processes and development of our substantial database, working with our external service providers and training our consultants. He is constantly striving for improvements to the way we use our systems and workflow, and looking to the future to ensure our technology not only keeps pace with our growing business, but also helps us grow.

Paul is fluent in both English and Mandarin Chinese and, after many years working in business in

China and New Zealand, provides valuable insights and advice around the business environment and opportunities in Asia. We regularly call upon his unique business experience and measured approach to problem solving to add input to our research teams.

Paul has a Bachelor of Laws degree in addition to a Master's Degree in Applied Linguistics, BA and Business Diploma. In his spare time, Paul designs digital materials and is a published app developer.