Chief Executive Succession Workshop for Directors 2020

The process of appointing a Chief Executive is something that boards don’t have to do very often.
Director Workshop

Kerridge Strategic Leadership Programme 2020

Our vision has always been ‘to transform the leadership landscape of Aotearoa New Zealand’.
Kerridge Strategic Leadership Programme 2020

What Our Clients Say

Where Kerridge & Partners have excelled is their ability to listen and clearly understand the Company’s needs and culture and then line up appropriate candidates from a thorough search. 

Community Involvement

At Kerridge & Partners we believe that a core responsibility of business is to support the community within which we live.
Community Involvement

Appointments at the executive level are best made using executive search, a robust research methodology designed to uncover the best candidates for your organisation. Executive search is a blend of art and science, and Kerridge & Partners’ Executive Search practice has mastered this art of…

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Kerridge and Partners has been supporting Board of Directors with their appointment and evaluation processes since 2011. We have a reputation for delivering high quality, high touch methodology that stimulates the Board’s thinking.  When combined with powerful observations and questioning, this…

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Leadership Team Alignment It is crucial for an executive to make sure their team is performing. Three factors influence the collective intelligence of a team: social sensitivity, equality and diversity. Kerridge & Partners offers a systematic approach to enable teams to achieve their full…

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Z has been working with Kerridge and Partners since we were formed in 2010. Over that time they have gone out of their way to understand what really matters to Z’s recruitment and the culture of the people we want to work for us.

Mike Bennetts - CEO

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In the Community

Kerridge & Partners contributes regularly to pro-bono activities. We are privileged to have worked closely with a number of fantastic organisations, and often our staff have come on board with these organisations in circumstances where there is a particular need or where our services are most effective.

The Graeme Dingle Foundation and the CatWalk Trust are two examples of organisations with whom Kerridge & Partners has worked with on a deeper level. We are thrilled to be able to leverage the expertise of our firm for a purpose greater than our own.

To learn more about our work with The Graeme Dingle Foundation, please visit here.

To learn more about the CatWalk Trust, please visit here.